We profoundly believe that interior design is and art and an excellent opportunity to express.

We work hand in hand with the client, we exalt the value each space has in their own identity and we serve as guides for that essence to be plastered in each of our projects. We emphasize not only the quality of the final result, but the quality of the experience to get there.







A homely space with an authentic design


A beautiful country house, located in Poás of Alajuela, Costa Rica; provides a space for family reunions and interactions. With an open concept between the kitchen and the living room next to the exuberant scenery just outside the large windows, this modern cabin with clean lines, outdoor areas and a perfect garden is created. Architecture inspired on the Timber Frame style, wood becomes the protagonist to construct and decorate the space. Arca|Deco fabricates customized furniture to adapt to the concept, products created with wood from the same lot and local materials.

Photography by Andrés García.


An urban and elegant concept.


An apartment located in the prestigious Torres del Parque, with a view of the Sabana Park and the National Stadium of Costa Rica. A couple's apartment was created, where the simple architecture of the building merges the modern elements of a balanced interior, pleasant and natural. The neutrality of the basic colors and the smooth surfaces provide a space where the owners can expose their favorite artifacts, express their interests and exhibit their colorful works of art.

Photography by Pablo Cambronero.



A masculine and stylish space


A cozy and stylish apartment with a splendid view of Costa Rica's central valley. A sober and masculine ambient was created in the living room where a harmonious combination of dark and light tones was produced. On the other side, a totally feminine dormitory was made where elements that soften the space where integrated.


Photography by Alessandra Tanzi.


Inspired in the ocean and all its treasures.


For the remodel of this apartment located in Costa Rica´s central pacific coast a wide social area was created where the kitchen, the living room and the dining room were joined. Natural light flows through these ambients, it gives them unity and warmth. In each room there is something that reminds us of the hot, golden sand, the freshness of the sea or the vivacity in the tones of the tropical biodiversity. 

Photography by Alessandra Tanzi.


A delicate and feminine ambient.


A delicate and full of light atmosphere is what was created for this nursery. Neutral colors, like white and grey, next to tones of pink, create a sweet and feminine ambient. Key pieces like the chandelier, the shelves and the mirror give the room a classic look, while the mural, the baskets and the ottomans make of the space an original and unique environment. 

Photography by Alessandra Tanzi.


A captivating and refined space.


A focus on metallic colors, such as gold and silver, merged with light tones of brown, wood furniture and modern works of art. The superposition of different tonalities of one same color is brought to another level to create and attractive and elegant style; with a few shiny surfaces, customized furniture and exquisite textiles.

Photography by Andres García.